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Economic Development

Our primary focus is economic development. When deals are complicated, we use our relationship-driven approach to help navigate complex decisions to ensure a positive impact for the client and the local community.

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Public Agency Strategic Consulting

Many companies have business objectives they cannot achieve on their own. We help our clients navigate these objectives and bridge the gap so they can establish their own relationships within their current market and emerging markets.

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Relationship Development

Our expertise and connections allow us to connect businesses with the necessary local influencers to foster growth.

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Business Development & Issue Based Lobbying

Our business development and lobbying experience is designed to assist clients who are actively looking to gain new business or attention in a geographic area or specific subject matter.

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Land Use & Zoning

Whether it’s issues with land use and zoning or building and development permitting, we manage the land use applications for builders and developers across Florida. Our team are experts in handling exceptions, waivers, and variances; administrative deviations; Planned Unit Development (PUD) Rezoning, conventional rezoning; land use amendments; and site plan reviews.

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Public-Private Partnerships

We are experts in crafting public-private partnerships. Through our relationships, resources and reputation, we help ensure projects that involve public participation with the private sector are successful, mutually beneficial and produce capital investment and jobs.

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